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Empowering Youth Through Making

Our aim is to support the development of self sufficiency and confidence: experiences that we, as members of Toolbox, had when we first learned to work with our hands.

About Toolbox

About Toolbox

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The program is led by the women identifying members of Toolbox who have backgrounds in woodworking and experience in training youths in these skills. Currently, Toolbox aims to service
the youth of the East Scarborough area.

The members have, in some capacity, a connection to East Scarborough; having worked, gone to school or participated in community programming in the area.

Toolbox is a recipient of the 2016-2017 Youth Opportunity Fund, distributed by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. With the guidance of  SKETCH, Toolbox’s organizational mentor, this grant enables Toolbox to grow and develop its programming over a period of three years.

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