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Learn how to make cool stuff at our  workshops!

Toolbox Explore

November 2021 through March 2022

Note: This program is available to both those that qualify for Toolbox programming and those that do not. If you are a 14-18 year old youth who is eligible for Toolbox programming you will have a kit provided. If you do not fit the eligibility for a Toolbox participant, you may join our online workshop and purchase a materials kit at cost which will need to be picked up in the Scarborough area.

About the Program

Toolbox Explore is a virtual project-based workshop series. Each workshop will introduce participants to a unique skill set or specialty, featuring an interactive, DIY-project. Created and led by instructors and special guests with experience in various fields, these skill-sharing workshops are an opportunity for participants to network and get to know first-hand what it’s like working in the trades. Workshops will be delivered remotely, and materials will be provided in advance to registered participants who fit Toolbox's eligibility criteria.


Explore sessions are open to both those who qualify for Toolbox programming and the general public. However, material kits are only available for youth participants.


In order to secure your spot in the workshop, you must register via Eventbrite.

Upcoming Workshops
Upcoming Workshops

Sculpey Creations

Saturday, February 19 from 12-3PM


This workshop is an introduction to sculpting with polymer clay. Participants will learn the art of hand building clay forms, and will use this technique to create their own clay tree ornaments that are full of personality!

This workshop will be taught by Garbo of Grumpy Kid Studio.

Block Printing

Saturday, March 12 from 12-3PM


In this workshop you will learn the basics of relief printmaking, using a hand-carved linoleum block to print images or text onto paper and fabric. We will review techniques for creating relief images, and considerations for printing on a variety of surfaces.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have carved a linoleum block with an image of their choice, and made multiple prints. No previous printmaking experience is required.

This workshop is led by Sonya Filman.

Wreath Making

Saturday, November 6 from 12-3PM

Learn the art of wreath making! In this workshop, participants will design and assemble wreaths
using dried flowers and other flora. We’ll learn about making your own home décor with
natural materials, preservation techniques to make them last year-round, and how to
incorporate your unique aesthetic. Each participant will leave with a ready-to-hang wreath of
their own creation!

This workshop is hosted by artists Tiffany Schofield & Maria Patricia Abuel.

Past Workshops
Past Workshops

Baking Arts

Saturday, December 11 from 1-4PM


During this 3 hour virtual baking class students will be creating holiday sugar cookies! Students will be taught a simple recipe that can be replicated after the workshop. No previous experience is needed to partake in the class. At the end of the class you will have a batch of holiday sugar cookies.

This workshop is hosted by Shirin Karoubi.

Sketching & Technical Drawing

Saturday, January 15 from 12-3PM

For most creative fields drawing and sketching are essential in communicating ideas. From architecture, to fabrication and industrial design, sketching is often used as a tool to test ideas, come up with new concepts and share them with others.

This workshop is an introduction to basic sketching conventions aimed at helping participants with communicating their ideas through drawing. The techniques discussed in this workshop can be applied to a wide range of creative fields, from furniture and industrial design to architecture, culminating in a design exercise that will encourage participants to draw imaginary objects and environments using drawing conventions and tips learned in the workshop.

This workshop will be taught by Kate Korotayeva.

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