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Our Past


Toolbox Initiative’s regular program is a series of in-person woodworking and electronic workshops offered from October through February. Beginning in the fall, the program would focus on projects pre-designed by Toolbox instructors, where participants would learn practical skills and gain confidence in their technical abilities. 


At the end of that workshop series, participants would join instructors on a field trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario, followed by a group dinner where they would discuss their plans for a project to be displayed at an end-of-year exhibition. The second half of the programming year would be dedicated to executing those projects independently, with oversight from the Toolbox team.


Year 1 

Projects: Theremins; Wooden toolboxes; Self-directed independent projects

Exhibition: March 31, 2018 at Y+ contemporary


Year 2 

Projects: Theremins; Ukuleles; Self-directed independent projects

Exhibition: February 23, 2019 at Gallery 1265 at UTSC


Year 3 

Projects: Theremins; LED sequencers; Wood veneer lampshades; Collaborative wooden board games

Exhibition: February 28, 2020 at The Bluffs Gallery at Scarborough Arts

Year 4

In 2020, we introduced three virtual programming streams – Mentorship, DigiFab Collab, and Explore.

Virtual Exhibition: April 10, 2021 on

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